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Painting your house to your own style

Renovating your home is one of the amazing jobs to do because it’s your imagination that you bring to light. Everyone has a different shade of interests so everyone wants to paint their house according to their own desire. Painting your house literally bring an innovative change to your life but things can become disturbing when the paint doesn’t look attractive or it peels off after a short period. A fresh coat of paint has aesthetic vale as-well as it increases the property value.

To make your painting job easier and durable, we are here to provide you some tips to remember before painting your house. So, let’s discuss some tips that you must keep in mind before getting started.

Things to Remember Before Painting:

Most of the people don’t measure how much paint is required to cover the area which needs to be painted and draw estimate which doesn’t always become exact. Mostly, one gallon of paint covers the area of 400 square feet, so by keeping this measurement in mind, you can easily make a precise estimate of how much paint will be needed.

Always prefer professionals instead of doing the job yourself. Painting is not just a task of dipping the paint brush in paint and splashing it over the wall. You must know how much thin or thick layer of paint must be applied for a better result. That’s the reason why you should hire professionals for painting to avoid any kind of mishap. Now, there are two types of painters, we’ll discuss them later.

Suppose, you have hired a team of painters and have allowed them to do whatever ‘they’ want to do, then it’s quite sure that you’ll have no satisfaction at the end. Feel free to ask questions and give them an idea of what ‘you’ want. No doubt, professionals know everything but despite this fact, you must inject your interests into their mind so that they can plan according to your desires by using their expertise.

Residential Painting and Commercial Painting:

Well, as mentioned before, there are two types of painter i.e. residential and commercial. Residential painters usually consist of three to four members and are interested in painting houses, rooms, courtyards and other small places. While the commercial painters are usually hired for the big projects like painting a whole stadium, malls, and plazas.

Checklist for Materials:

  • Tape Measure                        :                                   For measuring the area to be covered.
  • Primer                                       :                                   Use primer along with strain blocker.
  • Stirrer                                        :                                   Always stir before painting.
  • Pouring Spout                      :                                   Use spout to pour paint to avoid any mess.
  • Bucket                                       :                                   Prefer 5-Gallon bucket to store reasonable paint.
  • Screen                                       :                                   Use for wiping excess paint from the roller.
  • Roller Tray                              :                                   For smaller areas, use a sturdy plastic tray or any metal tray.
  • Tray Liner                                :                                   Save Time by using Disposable tray liner.
  • Roller Cover                           :                                   Usually, 3/8 inches of nap finishes interior walls professionally.
  • Angled Sash Paintbrush  :                                   2 inches of angled brush will be perfect for trim painting.
  • Blue Painter’s Tape            :                                   Covers the areas which you don’t want to paint.
  • Drop Cloths                           :                                   Protect your furniture and floor with plastic coverings and drop-
  • -cloth respectively
  • Hole Filler                               :                                   Fill out small holes in your walls with this filler for better results.
  • Screwdriver                           :                                   For removing ceiling plates and switches before painting.
  • Sponge                                      :                                   Wash the wall with dishwasher using a sponge.